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Hola! Welcome to Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa


Johannesburg in the Gauteng region of South Africa is the second largest city and the economic hub of Africa.

Johannesburg, Joburg,
Joeys, Jozy, Egoli, iGoli which means “place of gold; "city of lights”; is home to some 6 million people and hosts to an increasing number of visitors every year that makes the city as the leading tourist destination in South Africa for both leisure and business travellers.

On this site, you can get answers to some of the common questions like where is Johannesburg located?, what are the cultural things you can explore like the theatre or visit the china market, what is the currency of Johannesburg. There are some unusal activities you can do like skydiving etc.


If you are in the process of moving to the city for long term or already live in the city, this is what you may find useful: Quality of life, photography courses, singing lessons, furniture removals companies.

Johannesburg is an exciting city with numerous places to see in Johannesburg and offers great cultural, leisure, sporting, fashion and lifestyle activities together with outdoor adventures, up-close wildlife encounters, nature & game reserves and visits to historical sites.
Something surprising and delightful about Johannesburg is that regarding the eco system Johannesburg is really a very green city.

There are more than 6 million trees and nearly 2,500 parks in Johannesburg. Johannesburg is the largest man made forest on earth. It has got all kind of trees everywhere. There are numerous attractions for the Johannesburg visitors that are within easy reach that include caves, animal sanctuaries and nature reserves, local traditional villages, museums, national parks, zoos, safaris, hot air balloon rides, operational gold and diamond mines etc.

Johannesburg Airport is "O R Tambo International Airport" and is located 22 km. (14 miles) on the east of Johannesburg. South African Airways (SAA) ( is the national airline company. You may easily find direct and indirect flights to Johannesburg by the major airline companies from all over the world. Approximate flight times; i.e. 11 hours from London and 19 hours from New York. There are several budget airways making cheap flights to Johannesburg.

Johannesburg weather is relatively dry, and about six million trees, including the largest man-made forest in the world - with trees planted in the nineteenth century to provide wood for the mining industry. The best summer times in Johannesburg is between November and February. Average temperature is 25C. The coldest times is between July and August with an average temperature of 10-17C  daytime and 4C at nights. For great things to do in Johannesburg visit

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Johannesburg offers clean and comfortable accommodation opportunities all year round for the visitors. It is easy to find accommodation, guest houses, B&B and Johannesburg hotels.

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